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Here comes the FUN. Let's get involved in the loving day of Nadia and Stefano.. the sweet "Sunflower Family".
Love you guys!! :)




3d of July 2004 is a day already treasured in my heart. My dear friends Stefano and Nadia married in perfect harmony for the full joy of the whole Lodi's creek.
The marriage has been involving, tender, and absolutely cheerful and funny, with simplicity and love dominating us all :)


Pictures are many.. like you can get from the number of pages aside in the grey toolbar...
words will be reduced to let again images speak.. but don't miss at the end...Roffolo and his saga ;)


Ah.. for the record.. I wasn't meant to wear a LONG black dress.. I know being the marriage in day time the long dress isn't the most fitting choice but.. my black&Pink dress couldn't be used for a matter of.. needleworking. A long story.. that you don't wanna hear do you? ;)

here below you get back on my main pages and sections.. aside you have to scroll in the grey toolbar to catch all pages of this subsite dedicated to Stefano Della and Nadia :)
It has been a super funny and loving day so.. don't miss the "epic" gestures of Lodi's Creek ;)

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You can guess which ones are Gulli's Pics cos they are.. way better taken than mine ;)

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