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This page shows some FUNNY Meli's World stars...
the first one is... TA DAAAAAA!!!!
ROFFOLO, my key ring that I associate with My Stef.
I know.. it doesn't seem nice to link him with a pink green pig.. but look its lovely nose.. isn't Roffolo cute?
I have a larger stuffed version of him in my new car... and this XMas it will enter one even bigger in the house.
Roffolo welcomes you and tells you... that he hopes you had fun in these pages :)


Well, if you didn't laugh so far you will at my two poses below.. MORE than strange ;)
But that it's me in full.. I ma a very strange and chaotic mess ;) Not ladish at all, no matter what people tend to think or presume I am ;)




And again.. Happy life to Nadia and Stefano.
I love you dears :)


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