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Nadia and Stefano could have chosen any castle or villa for having their celebratory restaurant lunch.. but (and this tell so much about their loveliness and roots towards good family values) they preferred to make all at uncle's restaurant (the place where we celebrate all BDays in Lodi :)) for keeping untouched the atmosphere of cousy, warmening cheerfullness :)

We were up for everything.. of course eating ;) (and very tastey eating, too), but also to singin and dancing.. that is pretty normal.. but we managed to make it crazy instead ;)
The two musicians and the singer hired to make the ambient comforting were left speechless by our.. erm.. interpretations of the spirit of irony for the married ;)




Everybody.. "Get Into The Groove!!!!!!"
and we surely did... Stef by then wasn't aware three days after he would have been injuried while playin football.. and forced to ot move for a week ;)




Thetwo babies Nadia and Stefano drag and make dance around are the two nephew of Stefano :) The daughter and son of one of his two sisters :) the eldest. teh other sister is the beautiful black dressed one that dances along Eugenia.. :)




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