Marriage Nadia and Stefano 3d Jul 04
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I have many glimpses of joy comingback at me s soon as I renew the memory of the day.
I had all my Lodi's friends around.. well and of course my own Stef :)
what could I ask for more in life?

The ceremony was very deep and traditional way.. a lovely speech from the priest, too :) The evident agitation Stefano Della had disappeared as soon as Nadia, entering in the church under arm of his father, was at his side.
You can tell straight how much they love one another don't you?





Orni gained the prize for longer staying with rice in his hands.. must have been 5 hours or something ;)
Stefania and Gulli shined, (stefy's dress was awesome Versace one!) and Miki and Ale as always are the happiest couple ever. I asked them to kiss one another.. and they did so sweetly :)




The harmony was indeed shared by the whole Lodi Vecchio: I think all inhabitants came and also that all of them loved the car the married choose to have.. an old Bentley from the 40s. Pure class :)



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