Meli&Stef's House Part 2

Davide's Baptism 4th July 2004 Part 1

Meli's at work among concrete stuff ;)
Meli in Verona to see Aida Opera (Jun 2004)
Davide's Baptism 4th July 2004 Part 1
Davide's Baptism part 2
Davide's Baptism part 3
Davide's Baptism Part 4


Here you will admire the newborn son (born on April 11th, 2004.. on Easter) of my cousin Andrea andhis lovely wife Daniela... look at beautiful Davide and get all "awwwwwwwwww!" like I do everytime i play or babysit him.
Images will speak on their own :)




In these four pages you can see all the family from my mum's part.
We are the ones whom have infinitely suffered last September for the departure of our beloved Stefania.. she would have been happy in being the proud Aunt of Davide... I am sure she blesses him from sky where she sits and watches and still love us down, like we do always love her up there ...




Davide is a very cheerful, calm and smart baby. She never cries of fear, but always follows with careful and catchy eyes all that is around him :)




Don't steal images here. Note that if you wanna them for artworks, I am the only one who can allow you in having them, and also I can provide you larger resoluted files for each one of them you see here.