Meli&Stef's House Part 2
Meli in Verona to see Aida Opera (Jun 2004)
Meli's at work among concrete stuff ;)
Meli in Verona to see Aida Opera (Jun 2004)
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Davide's Baptism Part 4
Eugenia (Stef's mom) tries a cap

a beautiful day in June... well actually when we arrived in Verona it was raining and storming, putting all the chance to see the Opera in teh Arena under BIG question mark...
But then, our optimism worked out.. see the way sun became clear... and don't forget to check in the Art Camera section for better, bigger and more pics from the two events (the town.. and the representation of Aida :))




Verona is a very beautiful town... it shines class, and they are devoted to to Florentinian genius Dante Alighieri :)
All there seemed to speak of intelligence and taste to me. Actually the only let down at elegance was the Juliet and Romeo's balcony... too many people, too many writings on the walls, too many chewing-gums used as glue to keep pieces of paper attached to the stones... argh!!!!

Many visitors that cannot fail to love another caracteristic of the town: its delicious food, that we certainly got the luck to try before the gig.
Oh, and for the record.. while we were at the opera, Fiorentina beated Perugia and got back in Serie A of football ;)
What a perfect day ;)



Verona has one of the most beautiful locations for classic concerts. People from all the world come to see and appreciate operas and orchestras in its ancient Roman Arena :)
An experience that worths... every single penny you have to pay for it :)


It was beautiful to get the chance to visit Verona and to do it with Stef was doubling the prize :)
His parents have been lovely as usual and it has been a great day.