Friend's Gifts July 2004
Danob's Gift
gres2000's Gift
Lalani's Gift
gunsan's Gifts
Synapse's Gifts
Pixelwind's Gift
Jalen's Gift
khaldy's Gifts
Markku's Gift
pinkeiga's MANY Gifts
tibet4uk's Gift
vlaaitje's Gift
Nata Libera 70's Gift
eres's Gifts
twisted_angel9's Gift

Get ready for many images.. after a long time, my favourite section to be updated strike back!
Thank you to all awesome souls who have again made me happy with their gifts and homages dedicated to me and portraiting me in their awesome art touches.
I own to you all a forever "Thanx" :)

Jean-Marc's (Rulier) Beautiful creations...
You can see me too in them :)

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