Meli&Stef's House Part 2
Meli's at work among concrete stuff ;)
Meli in Verona to see Aida Opera (Jun 2004)
Davide's Baptism 4th July 2004 Part 1
Davide's Baptism part 2
Davide's Baptism part 3
Davide's Baptism Part 4

Second Part of the journey along me and Stef too around our living months of 2004..
What is here is May/July life rolling.. have fun and enjoy!
Note: Pictures are in small size:  to have them bigger ask to me in mails, if you wanna use them for artowrks.

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In these pages you'll see some of my workin tasks
for the Cepav TAV building company
and you'll see how unsexy I can be in workin areas :P
Then you will be taken in a beautiful town, Verona,
to journey around and get a glimpse of the première of Aida Opera I saw there along Stef and his Family on June 20th 2004.
In the art Camera section of my site you will see more pictures from both these events in Verona (the journey and most of all the opera :))
and the final part will be dedicated at the baptism of my beautiful cousin Davide, the blessing angel sent to us after Stefania's cruel death last september.
The power of life always takes over the pain. Have glimmering eyes as well and see how beautiful Davide is. :)

In the grey toolbar aside you can get in the two pages of the pictures. Above, there are links to get back in the Web Door's shell.
Please, notice that these pictures belong to me, and you cannot use any of them without my explicit permission. Write me an email (the address can be found in my homepage) in case you wanna use some of them for matter of artistic reworks.
Stealing is a forbidden practice, so don't do it :)

The three sites of life pics that are gonna follow are all dedicated to marriages, that me and Stef have attended at from June 21th to July the 17th... enjoy them as well :)

me on autoshot

All pics are property of Cioni Melania, aka gallimel. No use whatsoever of these images and excerpts of writing is allowed unless after written, explicit and certified permission from her.